7th Grade Head Coach: Dave Cloud 

8th Grade Head Coach: Darin DeNeal 

Assistant Coaches: Doug Johnson, Jon Nahrwold, Mike Taylor, Garrett Cupp

Volunteer Coaches: Kevin Smith




Update:  July 23, 2020 all activities are canceled until August 3, 2020.





What do athletes need for their first conditioning or first day of mandatory practice?

1. Printed and signed IHSAA Health History Update.

2. IHSAA approved athletic physical. The physicals from the 2019-2020 school year are approved for this year. These need to be on file with the middle school office, in final forms, or a paper copy brought with you.

3. Each student needs to be registered in FinalForms:

What do athletes need for every session?
1. Printed and signed Student/Athlete Covid Health Screen. 

2. Face covering.

3. Your OWN FILLED water container. We suggest having at least a gallon of water labelled with your name.

4. Athletic shoes and cleats

First mandatory practice is August 5th, 2:30-4:30 pm. Equipment will be handed out at this time.  Restrooms will be available. Athletes MUST bring a container of water (1/2 gallon recommended) that is clearly marked as theirs. 


2020 Football Season-First Practice; (required)

Wednesday, August 5 @ 2:30 pm, PHMS Football Field. 
 Players MUST have 10 practices to be eligible for the first game!
All forms must be completed to attend.  If you have incomplete forms, please go to Final Forms and update your information.

A completed IHSAA physical, dated April 1, 2019 or after, is required to participate.

Student Equipment Responsibility:  Shoes, socks, practice clothes, padded girdle, athletic fee 

School Equipment Responsibility:  Helmet, shoulder pads, mouthpiece, uniform jersey, uniform pants, uniform belt